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  • Title: Current Online Weather, weather forecasting, climate analysis, Average Temperature Weather and Climate
    Descriptive info: .. [en].. [ru].. [de].. [es].. [it].. [fr].. [pl].. [pt].. Today:.. ,.. The.. Sunmap.. eu.. Internet service is a fully open platform providing detailed information about the weather in over 87,000 cities around the world, including a 5-day forecast, statistical data, climate analysis and much more.. A climate change database spanning 85 years featuring an organized user-friendly information presenting interface enables  ...   considering your individual preferences.. Weather on the map.. Europe.. Oceania.. South America.. Africa.. North America.. Asia.. Select mainland.. Moscow.. Oslo.. Berlin.. Noril'sk.. Beijing.. Cairo.. Jo'anna.. Rio de Janeiro.. Montreal.. Washington DC.. Sydney.. [C].. [F].. Powered by.. dev5.. de.. , Copyright 2009-2013.. Report wrong geo-information.. |.. Bookmark this page.. Contact.. Site map.. Help.. Analysis of.. weather and climate.. / News / Photo..

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  • Title: Current Online Weather, weather forecasting, climate analysis, Average Temperature Weather and Climate
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  • Title: Погода онлайн, прогноз погоды, анализ климата, средняя температура Погода и климат
    Descriptive info: Сегодня:.. Интернет-Сервис.. sunmap.. является полностью открытой платформой и предоставляет детальную информацию о погоде болие, чем в.. 87.. 000 городах.. мира, прогноз на 5 дней, статистики, анализ климата и многое другое.. Благодаря наличию данных изменения климата за 85 лет, их систематизации, а также удобному представлению информации на сайте, наш сервис  ...   в зависимости от индивидуальных предпочтений климата.. Вся погода на карте.. Европа.. Океания.. Южная Америка.. Африка.. Северная Америка.. Азия.. Выберите материк.. Москва.. Осло.. Берлин.. Норильск.. Пекин.. Каир.. Йоханнесбург.. Рио-де-Жанейро.. Монреаль.. Вашингтон.. Сидней.. Сообщить о неверной гео информации.. В закладки.. Контакт.. Карта сайта.. Помощь.. Анализ.. погоды и климата.. / Новости / Фото..

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  • Title: Aktuelles Wetter Online, Wettervorhersage, Klimaanalyse, Durchschnittliche Temperatur, Niederschlagstage Wetter und Klima
    Descriptive info: Heute:.. ist eine völlig offene Online-Plattform.. Sie enthält detaillierte Daten zum Wetter in über 87.. 000 Städten der Welt, 5-Tage-Wettervorhersage, Statistik, Klimaanalyse und vieles mehr.. Dank ihrer Benutzerfreundlichkeit und dadurch, dass sie auf systematisierte historische Daten zum Klimawechsel in den letzten 85 Jahren zugreift, ist unsere Website der beste Ratgeber bei der Urlaubsplanung.. Mit ihr können Sie bei der Planung genau auf Ihre Wettervorlieben eingehen.. Wetter auf der Karte.. Europa.. Ozeanien.. Südamerika.. Afrika.. Nordamerika.. Asien.. Moskau.. Peking.. Kairo.. Johannesburg.. Washington.. Falsche Geoinformation melden.. Zu Favoriten hinzufügen.. Kontakt.. Sitemap.. Hilfe.. Analyse von.. Wetter und Klima.. / Fotos / Nachrichten..

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  • Title: Tiempo on-line, pronóstico del tiempo, análisis de clima, temperaturas promedias Tiempo y clima
    Descriptive info: Hoy:.. Servicio de Internet.. es una plataforma cien por cien abierta y concede información detallada sobre más de 87.. 000 ciudades del mundo, pronóstico del tiempo para 5 días, estadistica, análisis de clima y mucho más.. Gracias a los datos sobre el cambio climático durante los últimos 85 años, su sistematización, y  ...   favorable para el descanso o planear Su vacaciones según las preferencias individuales.. Todos mapa del tiempo.. Oceanía.. Suramérica.. África.. América Septentrional.. Elija el continente.. Moscú.. Berlín.. Pekín.. Johannesburgo.. Río de Janeiro.. Informe de información geográfica incorrecta.. Marcar.. Contacto.. Mapa del sitio.. Ayuda.. Análisis de.. tiempo y el clima.. / Noticias / Fotos..

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  • Title: Online meteo, previsioni meteo, analisi del clima, la temperatura media Meteo e clima
    Descriptive info: Oggi:.. Tutti mappa meteo.. America meridionale.. America settentrionale.. Selezionare un continente.. Mosca.. Berlino.. Pechino.. Il Cairo.. Montréal.. Relazione informazioni sulla geometria non corretta.. Bookmark.. Contattaci.. Mappa del sito.. Aiuto.. Analisi del tempo.. e il clima.. / News / Foto..

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  • Title: météo en ligne, prévisions météo, l'analyse du climat, la température moyenne Météo et climat
    Descriptive info: Aujourd'hui:.. Tous les carte météo.. Océanie.. Amérique du Sud.. Afrique.. Amérique du Nord.. Asie.. Sélectionnez un continent.. Moscou.. Pékin.. Le Caire.. Rapport d'information géométrie incorrecte.. Ajouter à mes favoris.. Plan du site.. Aide.. Analyse des conditions météorologiques.. et le climat.. / Nouvelles / Photos..

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  • Title: Online pogoda, prognoza pogody, analiza klimatu, średnia temperatura Pogoda i klimat
    Descriptive info: Dzisiaj:.. Wszystkie mapy pogody.. Ameryka Południowa.. Afryka.. Ameryka Północna.. Azja.. Wybierz kontynent.. Moskwa.. Pekin.. Kair.. Waszyngton.. Zgłoś błędne informacje geometrii.. Dodaj do ulubionych.. Mapa strony.. Pomoc.. Analiza.. pogody i klimatu.. / Aktualności / Zdjęcia..

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  • Title: Linha do tempo, previsão do tempo, a análise do clima, a temperatura média Tempo e Clima
    Descriptive info: Hoje:.. Todos mapa meteorológico.. América do Sul.. América do Norte.. Ásia.. Escolha um continente.. Moscovo.. Berlim.. Pequim.. Joanesburgo.. Relatório de informação de geometria incorreta.. Contato.. Mapa do Site.. Ajuda.. Análise do tempo.. e do clima.. / Notícias / Fotos..

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  • Title: Current Online Weather, weather forecasting, climate analysis, Average Temperature Flex - Application
    Descriptive info: Internet Service.. is a.. fully open platform.. and provides detailed.. information about the weather.. more than 87,000 cities around the world,.. the forecast for 5 days.. statistics.. analysis of climate.. and much more.. Due to the.. data of climate change for 85 years.. , their systematic and.. user-friendly presentation of information.. at our service allows you to choose the best place to relax or.. plan your holiday.. , depending on individual preferences change.. On the map.. symbols (sun, rain, rain, clouds etc ) denotes the weather and temperature in the respective cities.. Number of visible cities depends on the actual scale of the map, which you can manage with the help of the regulator on the left side of the map.. Through the mouse you can.. drag the map.. to view nearby towns.. By clicking the mouse on your desired city (the icon on the map).. on the right pane.. displays.. all the weather information for selected cities.. : temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction with the ability to choose the mode for displaying.. the hourly forecast for the current day.. By.. clicking the mouse.. anywhere on the map with pressed.. Control.. the new icon appears, with all the information about weather in the top panel is updated.. Button Select date.. opens the calendar to select date from the past.. After this, on the map  ...   average number of days with precipitation.. presents in graphical mode, the average number of days with precipitation for the month.. When clicking on one of the beams graphics opens a more detailed timetable.. history.. opens a window with a timetable showing temperature changes over the past month or year.. The graph solid lines provide information on the.. minimum and maximum.. temperature for the selected year.. Dotted lines show the.. average minimum.. and.. maximum.. temperature on the basis of historical data.. This information may prove very useful.. for analyzing the dynamics of the temperature.. From the application.. menu.. (the.. menu.. button on the right panel) have the following additional features:.. Switching between.. the temperature scales (Celsius - Fahrenheit).. Switch languages.. Currently available:.. English, German and Russian.. language.. Add.. application sunmap.. eu in your.. browser's favorites.. Copy the link to the clipboard.. for subsequent possible transfer by e-mail.. Recipient, enter the link in browser, see all the same information that has been sent.. Feedback.. You see the opportunity to discuss all the pros and cons of our service in a special thematic forum.. There you can leave your suggestions, to improve our portal.. For this we will be very grateful.. This application was developed using the following technologies:.. Adobe Flex.. PHP, Zend Framework.. MySQL.. HTML, JS, CSS.. Meteorological data provided by: google.. com.. HTML version.. Weather and Climate..

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  • Title: Weather in Europe Weather and Climate
    Descriptive info: Mainlands.. /.. Home.. / News / Photo in.. All.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. L.. M.. N.. P.. R.. S.. U.. V.. Select country:.. A.. Albania.. [w].. Andorra.. Austria.. B.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Britain.. Bulgaria.. C.. Croatia.. Cyprus.. Czechia.. D.. Denmark.. E.. Estonia.. F.. Faroe  ...   Hungary.. I.. Iceland.. Ireland.. Isle of Man.. J.. Jersey.. L.. Latvia.. Liechtenstein.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. M.. Macedonia.. Malta Island.. Moldova.. Monaco.. N.. Norway.. P.. Poland.. Portugal.. R.. Republic of Italy.. Romania.. Russia.. S.. San Marino.. Serbia.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Socialist Republic of Montenegro.. Spanish State.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. U.. Ukraine.. V.. Vatican.. Weather on the map..

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    Archived pages: 330