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  • Title: Ogryzek.eu - business inside out
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Ogryzek Academy.. Comic.. Product.. Adertising.. Brands.. Social.. Other.. About Me.. RSS.. Oct 6, 2014.. Refreshing Monday #2.. The next episode is out for you to enjoy (sorry for some wrong cuts during edition process): Few additional thoughts: CRM I know there are multiple issues I skipped over.. One of the best is marketing automation few web-based CRM systems are integrated with landing page software and email marketing software like GetResponse, Marketo( ).. Sep 29, 2014.. Refreshing Monday #1.. I hope you will enjoy my new series Refreshing Mondays.. Each episode will contain 2-3 business ideas that I will find inspiring.. Each episode will be posted at 8:00 GMT and they will cover wide range of business issues including: marketing, IT, sales, finance and HR.. In the post below I will leave some( ).. Aug 10, 2014.. Global strategy, global marketing, local financing.. Well you think globally? Aren t you? Or at least you think you do.. You think in terms of expanding your business on other markets (CEE, Middle East, Africa etc.. ) you have your webpage nice and shiny in your native language and of course in English! But mentally you still live in your local village.. Why?( ).. Jul 16, 2014.. Sferis, I forgive you!.. Bo mój laptop zaginął Nie przepiłem go na juwenaliach, nie zostawiłem go na dworcu, ani nawet nie przegrałem w zakładach bukmacherskich.. Zostawiłem go w punkcie zakupu do naprawy gwarancyjnej i.. Od 5 tygodni nie mam pojęcia co się stało.. Rozumiecie mój dramat, prawda? Nie mam na czym  ...   So instead of description of new S-class parameters and possible additions we get a picture of the car driving through Tuscany.. My( ).. Mar 17, 2014.. 100 happy days bigger context.. If you are not familiar with #100happydays here is a quick simplification for you the challenge is to upload one picture a day of something that made you happy for 100 subsequent days.. The vast popularity of this “challenge” shows 2 things: - Something can be an engaging viral campaign even if there is( ).. Mar 10, 2014.. 9 best android apps for business.. After being shocked by the incompetency level in some companies I worked for where senior and middle management was mobile illiterates I decided to share my experience in apps I found useful in in business practice.. Mar 4, 2014.. NuPlays music sold differently.. A quite new building with modestly furnished interiors is home to one of the most exciting start-ups I have encountered in the last few years.. I asked Paweł Soproniuk, originator and CEO of this unique enterprise to introduce me to this new concept.. Dec 12, 2013.. ZEN state one click away.. I moved again.. To a more comfortable, bigger place.. No, not physically – I’ve changed my server – for you the change was unnoticeable.. Well maybe if you visited my blog between 1:00 and 2:15 AM GMT+1.. For me this was like a breath of fresh air.. My feelings are like from an advertisement of( ).. Load More.. Ogryzek.. eu.. 2014.. Powered by.. WordPress.. Themify WordPress Themes..

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  • Title: Ogryzek Academy | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: Together with some good people and AIESEC Warsaw SGH we are running a series of workshops open for all people that seek practical knowledge in marketing field.. The workshops will be run mostly late evenings in buildings of Warsaw School of Economics.. There is no high-level bullshit.. We focus on practical knowledge and software skills to enable participants to try-out hands on real marketing department/agency/media buyer problems.. Nearest training:.. 1.. How to buy TV and get money out of it.. It will be a meeting with Michal Kuspit, ROI Research Manager at MEC.. Date: 11.. 03 18:30.. Limited by room.. To Register scroll  ...   (Marek Widota, Deutsche Bank).. 4.. Social Media no bullshit training (Michał Lewandowski, Head of Social Media Walk).. Already over 70 people have registered to those trainings.. UWAGA:.. If someone will not appear on any training he registered for he is baned for the rest of trainings.. Register here.. :.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Edward Dough on.. Michał on.. Piotrek on.. okiempawla.. on.. Arek Samotny on.. Archives.. October 2014.. September 2014.. August 2014.. July 2014.. May 2014.. March 2014.. December 2013.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. August 2013.. October 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. Categories.. Video.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. Comments.. org..

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  • Title: Comic | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: my own strips.. Aug 2, 2012.. Mems, mems everywhere!.. They appear all of a sudden, their popularity rises rapidly.. There becomes a moment, when even your grandma shares one on her wall.. This is usually the moment when they die and all you want to do is throw up when you are to see them one more time.. There  ...   the wall.. With the rend of re-imagining Snow White (two new movies, and Once upon a time TV series).. I imagine that the little bitch had a lot of luck that she enjoyed simple medival life.. Jul 2, 2012.. Better, faster, deadlier.. Car ad is always great music, beautiful views, top models and shiny new cars and what if..

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  • Title: Product | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: things that matter to me.. Nov 5, 2013.. Extreme programming.. Książka ta jest trochę, jak niedzielny obiad u babci.. Jeśli uda się wam już przebić przez warzywną zupkę w postaci 40 stron nikomu niepotrzebnych objaśnień, podziękowań, pytań retorycznych w stylu „ „Ilu z nas potrafi określić walory, które są najważniejsze dla  ...   Pawns being played.. s a small, 9 year old boy, living in an 80’s style block of flats I loved during summer break to set up a 2 person tent behind the block.. The we squeezed in 5 friends and we crouched so the board game would fit in between us..

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  • Title: Adertising | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: Aug 11, 2012.. Red Marketing.. What does promotion of products in communistic” economy of China? Mr.. Wang a little bit sweaty from pushing through the crowd turns his back on the parade at the Tiananmen Square, he walks down into the Subway, where the guards scan his hand-bag.. Mr.. Wang walks into the bank, he fills millions of forms, lets( ).. Jul 9, 2012.. Kings of Outdoor.. For some time I ve wanted to face one thing that bugs me about the outdoor adevrtising in Poland  ...   to work.. If someone should feel insulted sharp words used in the video below: Don t come back here, for I( ).. Jun 28, 2012.. Golden Arrow, but a blind shot.. Last Tuesday an event took place, I believe it was last-before-summer-break para-competition in Polish advertising world – Golden Arrow 2012.. Why para-? Since level and awards themselves were embarrassing.. Moreover our advertising industry has an ego of American or British, but their effects are far less impressive.. But maybe I will start with what( )..

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  • Title: Brands | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: brands and how they work.. Dec 7, 2013.. When free choice is not enough.. TP (Polish National Telecommunication Provider) created one of the most memorable commercial characters on the market (they were called Heart and Brain), changed its name to Orange.. All this just to cope with decades of hate of this monopolistic corporation with no customer focus.. The first (reasonable) competitor that appeared was Netia.. After I( ).. Oct 26, 2013.. Public Companies Bulls, Bears and all that circus.. There is some strong belief in society about public traded companies, which makes them think that if market value of stocks goes down, it means that in company  ...   from.. This is a great place to liar things or two about standardizing and planning customer experience.. Oct 6, 2012.. Legia luxury kills the magic.. Separate gates, special silver band, VIP entrance where no-one is scanning your clothes, and you start to feel spoiled.. Jul 3, 2012.. BlackBerry dementia and Samsung triumphs.. When I started using a cellphone back in 1996 I have used a brick-like Nokia with an antenna longer then in my car.. Since then mobiles …well after the premiere of Galaxy Note I can’t say they’ve shrunk but most certainly they have become lighter and developed.. I’ve owned also a Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Blackberry and( )..

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  • Title: Social | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: facebooki and friends.. Oct 8, 2012.. Glitch or worse.. I promised you to play at Glitch.. com after talking with Steward Butterfield and after many disappointments of 2012 for the players around the world this will be a sure shot… and I’ve completely wasted around 2 hours of my life.. The  ...   in the very( ).. Jun 24, 2012.. Link your xing with goldenline.. Najciekawsze jest dla mnie zawsze, że tylu ludzi zakłada konta dodaje 1-2 kontakty i porzuca profil.. Czego się spodziewali po tak krótkim użytkowaniu? To nie NK.. pl gdzie dzieci albo panie po 50tce szukają zapamiętale swoich znajomych z ogólniaka..

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  • Title: Other | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: one s that fit nowhere else.. Sep 22, 2013.. Pay for your part in this crime!.. It’s just a few plums, isn’t it? NO IT ISN’T.. It’s just a common thief, the same as the one who steels an old ladies’ purse or sells customer data from his workplace.. Oct 11, 2012.. I despise fantasy!.. Dragons, witches, trolls, elves, angels, ghosts and talking animals… oh good, do I hate them! That entire group is known well to anyone of you, who is pitiful to read this nonsense for small children.. You have to have really dull life to send it on stories of teenagers saving the world and group( ).. Oct 4, 2012.. I wouldn t sell Flickr for the second time.. I ve talked to Steward Butterfield.. He made a large impression on me mainly because of what he told about patents.. He talked about Samsung vs  ...   scheme is a classic of trip planning among young and childless.. It is more and more popular instead of the( ).. Jul 15, 2012.. Mother f**ker.. I have written this motherf***in post, to let you know about this b**chin paradox.. Who the f*ck gets what I mean? Why in Pulp FAiction you can, on Youtube you can, and in advertising uo can’t…what? Swear god d*amn it! [learn_more caption="About swearing – Attention – improper language!"] Whatever the language be that English, german( ).. Jul 1, 2012.. Euro 2012 8h before the final match.. It is only 8 hours left till the final game of European Football Championships, that is why I allow myself for a quick sumup.. I will not speak about outstanding goals, irish fans or polish coach Smuda.. (or maybe just a few words about him).. The Euro 2012 itself could easily impress with modern stadiums,( )..

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  • Title: About Me | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: Business next to medicine and football is an area that suddenly makes anyone an expert.. Or maybe not? From my need to understand, why is Redbull selling the same shit as everyone else and charging 3 times as much, how did they manage to squeeze a perfume line under Harley Davidson brand and why is my neighbor next door buying so money 0,1 l bottles of vodka, I’ve lunched.. ogryzek.. Business decissions  ...   two master theses from Warsaw School of Economics or my job as marketing director or my book-writing attempts.. Ogryzek is my way to take a company or brand and rip it of empty taglines, meaningless gestures and fog of mysterious business decisions.. This is a bitch-slap to all those, who claim that consumers are like cockroaches and money is everything.. You can contact me by:.. Email: nutriumMALPAgmail.. com.. Phone: +48 663 633 Senven63..

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  • Title: Refreshing Monday #2 | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: The next episode is out for you to enjoy (sorry for some wrong cuts during edition process):.. Few additional thoughts:.. CRM.. I know there are multiple issues I skipped over.. One of the best is marketing automation few web-based CRM systems are integrated with landing page software and email marketing software like GetResponse, Marketo or Freshmail.. Some other aspects are described.. HERE.. - however this is a commercial website selling a particular solution that is why I advise you to cross-reference all the information.. I couldn t find a blog post or article on this subject..  ...   below or use my email address ogryzek.. eu[at}gmail.. More on the 360 degrees.. What is 360 degree reviews?.. LEARN HERE.. More on how to introduce it into company s culture on.. THIS WEBSITE.. Finally on the crowd sourcing concept.. This part was a bit funny (it came to me while making this episode) That is why it is a bit chaotic.. However the concept is.. QUITE SIMPLE.. and there are multiple sources covering this phenomenon.. What worries me is misusing crowdsourcing, by making it a cheap tool for naming and advertisement related services.. Tomasz Gruszka.. ,.. 0..

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  • Title: Refreshing Monday #1 | Ogryzek.eu
    Descriptive info: In the post below I will leave some further insights and additional links, should you feel one of the ideas is relevant for you.. Enjoy:.. more on reverse factoring.. There is of course multiple issues I skipped over in my video.. Below find some links and remarks:.. International Factoring -.. there are few international organizations including IFG that support factoring in 2 factor system I ve presented in the video.. However bear in mind that factoring is possible however debt collecting in developing countries may be expensive and uncertain.. IFG Website.. The concept of reverse factoring is well described.. here.. For some useful data (and possibly impartial) visit IFG (The International Factors Group Association) since there are hundreds of  ...   an email: ogryzek.. eu{at}gmail.. more on RTB.. Concepts of RTB and demand-side platforms are well explained (no wonder since it is an internet based tool).. For basic info on the mechanics of RTB.. visit this website.. or watch.. this video.. Report on RTB spending s in Europe can be.. viewed here.. And if you d rather read a case study here s one.. from a telecom company.. more on business partner scanning.. The concept is easy (especially with a lot of data in the open by Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn) but there few tools I find particularly interesting and you might as well:.. - Free solutions:.. Pipl.. Spokeo.. - Paid solutions:.. Intelius.. NetDetective.. (this one is US only)..

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