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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Hope for abandoned dogs in Southern Spain.. Angel - A very special dog to us here at HEFF - one who has changed the lives of so many animals and people alike.. This portrait was kindly painted by Barbara Marie of:.. www.. pet-portraitart.. com.. Home.. About Us.. News and Events.. Found A Dog.. Dogs In Need.. Get Involved.. Contact Us.. This web page requires a JavaScript enabled browser.. Happy Ending Final Feliz is a registered Charity.. Reg.. Charity no.. G72184898.. Happy Ending Final Feliz is a small group of people dedicated to making a difference to the lives of abandoned dogs in southern Spain.. We rely heavily on our volunteers and supporters for help - both practical and financial.. As with all Charities we rely heavily on DONATIONS in order to continue with rescuing, veterinary bills, vaccinations, food and rehabilitation of the animals.. In advance we thank you for any contribution no matter how small -  ...   dogs in southern Spain.. Any amount no matter how.. small helps towards.. food, water and veterinary bills.. We appreciate every gift you make.. Regular updates can be found on our Facebook page “Happy Ending / Final Feliz - helping abandoned dogs in Spain.. We need help with:.. Sponsorship,Fostering.. Volunteering,.. Donations.. If you are able to help with any of these please go to our contact page to see how to get in touch with one of our dedicated team.. Below is a link where you can follow the daily happenings in the world of rescue at Happy Ending Final Feliz also the donate button which will take you to the Paypal account - the safe and secure way to donate.. This web site is currently under reconstruction.. Please bear with us whilst this work is carried out.. Happy Ending Final Feliz.. Angels Page.. El Capitan.. Leishmania Dogs Needing Homes.. Our Successes.. Meet Our Friends.. How You Can Help..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: Our Aims:.. Are to provide a clean and safe living environment.. A regular nutritious diet.. Veterinary care when ever needed.. To ensure all adopted dogs comply with current legislation - spaying / castrating, micro-chipping and vaccinations.. To match dogs with suitable owners according to the charity’s re homing policy.. To create through education a better awareness of the needs of dogs in society.. Margarita Gloersen is the President of Happy Ending Final Feliz - a  ...   many volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain the kennels, feed, walk and play with the dogs and a team of people who raise money in order to keep the charity running.. We thank them all and everyone else who helps keep HEFF going.. The Committee of Happy Ending final Feliz:.. Margarita Gloersen President.. Nieves Dominguez Ruiz Vice President.. Maria de los Angeles Raposo Caballero Secretary.. Jose Luis de Arribas Sanchez Treasurer/vocal.. Angel Ruiz Barba Treasurer..

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  • Title: News and Events
    Descriptive info: Please visit.. “Capitan’s”.. Page and read his story in Margarita’s own words.. It is a touching story.. This beautiful girl is staying at Happy ending until her travel date to California, USA.. She has been in foster care where she has been rehabilitated and looked after superbly well.. She has been passported and vaccinated and is ready for her travel.. There are times, where once a dog has been fostered, bought back to a happy healthy dog, adopted and is waiting only a short while for onward travel to their new home that their fosterer is desperately needed to help another dog become balanced and whole again.. By Happy Ending Final Feliz taking in one of the dogs destined for onward travel, it frees up the fosterer to continue the fantastic work that they do and also allows HEFF to continue in their work to help the abandoned and discarded dogs of this country.. Costs to HEFF are minimal and are usually covered by the rescuing charity or organisation.. It is just the feeding, watering and continued socialisation of the dog that needs to be done.. In times of crisis and with little or no funding coming in, HEFF can still help rescued dogs!.. Kanela.. Do you remember Kanela? The abandoned dog in a Marquesado road that had 7 puppies on the street?.. TE ACUERDAS DE KANELA? LA PERRA ABANDONADA EN UN CARRIL DEL MARQUESADO Y QUE PARIÓ 7 CACHORROS EN LA CALLE?.. She has finished her  ...   he pleases, Canela is the same, she will one day choose a family who will accept her for her and give her the freedom to choose her way of life.. Some dogs are free spirits, we have to have the strength to accept this and help them in the way that is right for them.. Canela has the freedom of no more puppies, Cooper had the freedom of being released from pain as you will see in the picture below.. Rescuing does not always mean finding a family, it can also mean understanding the dog and taking care of it in the right way for that dog.. Kanela is approx 1.. 5 years old and 45 cm tall - so a mediumish size dog.. She has a lovely nature with people and other dogs, if you think you can offer Kanela security and freedom please contact Margarita.. Kanela has today been released after long and hard thought, it is the best for her.. Kanela has found herself the perfect family! Lucky lucky girl.. The Bootsale is now BACK ON ….. At the Bull Ring in Chiclana!.. Please come along and support Happy Ending Final Feliz on a Sunday at the the Bull Ring.. Meet Nucca, she and Romy will be travelling together to the states.. Nucca is another podenco that is being “fostered” at Happy Ending Final Feliz before onward travel.. She is a wonderful girl.. BREAKING NEWS ….. Cessna has found his forever home!.. Good Luck Cessna..

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  • Title: Found A Dog
    Descriptive info: The first thing will always be, to be sure you can take in the dog in case the charity does not have room for it.. Secondly, take it to the vet to see if it has been chipped.. If the dog has been chipped, the vet will take care of the dog and hand back to the owner, you may leave the dog.. If it has no chip you can contact us to see if we can be of help.. We will contact the vet to gain information or go there to see the dog while you are there.. If the dog looks very ill or is in very poor  ...   costs so you will not have to pay large amounts at the vets.. If you cannot take the dog in, feed it at the location you found it, contact us, and we will try and find a way of helping.. Make sure the dog is in a safe place away from traffic.. The dog will be put on the waiting list and we will try and find a place for it.. Please be aware that we have many phone calls every day with regards to stray and abandoned dogs and we are limited as to how many we can physically take in and that we can afford to look after..

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  • Title: Dogs In Need
    Descriptive info: For all adoptions please contact : 617 099 706.. Click here for Next Page.. This is TIKI.. male.. Podenco-mix.. born 30.. 8.. 2011.. negative to Mediterranean diseases tested 8.. 7.. 2013.. He is being sponsored by Pets Angels, Luxenburg.. Hope and Faith.. Date of Birth: 01.. 01.. 13.. Vaccines: Only the two first vaccines, and starting with the rest.. But they are very healthy.. Need also Filaria and Leish test.. Weight: about 23 kg.. Height : About 60 cm.. Affectionate with people and they have been with cats, chickens, a lot of other dogs, (most old ones), and horses.. They were found on the street as small puppies, they have now grown up and are looking for new homes.. This is HOPE.. This is FAITH.. TOM.. Rüde, 51cm.. Epangeul breton.. geboren am 15.. 12.. 2011.. kastriert.. MMT getestet am 24.. 9.. positiv auf Filaria.. Jasper.. Rüde.. Podenco Andaluz.. geboren10/11/2005.. MMT positiv Filaria getestet im April 2014.. Filaria positiv- in Behandlung.. Filaria Therapie am 31.. 05.. 2014 beendet.. kastriert am 11.. 06.. 2014.. KENIA.. She is a cross of podenco with sharpei.. Born 05-03-13.. Negative on Leish and other Mediterranean deseases.. Castrated.. Treated against Echinococcus and has the Tetravalente, passport and chip.. She hates to be locked up in a cage, and needs a lot of space to run.. And someone  ...   Negative on Med.. deseases and castrated.. All vaccines done and has his pasport.. Tengo un podenco maneto precioso! Le he puesto de nombre Tittentei, porque le gusta jugar al escondite.. Mide 30 cm.. y pesa unos 10 kg.. es muy bueno y cariñoso y le encantan los mimos.. Es negativo en las enfermedades Mediterraneas, tiene pasaporte y todas las vacunas.. Castrado.. My rescue galgo is called Thor, and he is a galgo español.. He is ready for adoption.. He has, (my guess) been a runner, as he races around the 4.. 000sqm plot many times a day.. He is fit and has a very good character.. A little shy with strangers to start with, but gets over that if you let him take the initiative to want to know you.. He was found abandoned by a young girl, that had seen him over a period of time, wandering around close to a road that she had to use every workday.. He lives in my house, with my pack, and goes very well with them all.. He is a happy dog, but I need his place for others that are not so lucky.. So if you want to adopt him, please contact me over mail itmargar@gmail.. com or FB Happy Ending/Final Feliz - Helping abandoned dogs in Spain or www.. happy-ending-final-feliz.. eu..

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  • Title: Get Involved
    Descriptive info: Happy Ending receives no government funding or support and is totally self funding.. So that we can continue to help animals in need we ask that those who would like to support our cause help by making a donation.. If you would like to make a donation, PayPal is safe, FREE and easy.. Please press the Donate Button and follow the simple instructions.. If you wish to donate using another payment method or would like to donate an item(s), to be sold at our car boot sales, please contact us on: 617 099 716.. Fostering.. Since it is rarely possible to find a new home for a dog immediately, foster care means providing a safe and caring temporary home for a dog until a permanent home can be found.. At any given time we can only care for as many dogs as we have fosterers, so fostering saves dogs we would otherwise have to turn away.. Fostering means caring for a dog (or dogs) for a period which may be only a few days or may be several months.. We provide veterinary care and food.. We also offer advice you may need on looking after the dog.. Before fostering, all dogs are quarantined, checked for temperament and examined by a vet who also gives the necessary vaccinations.. What does a fosterer need to do?.. * provide the dog with a home,  ...   newcomer will not get on, we can offer advice on how to introduce them and help them live together.. Volunteers.. Happy Ending is constantly seeking volunteers who are willing to donate their time and energy to help charity.. There are a number of different ways an individual can volunteer.. Help at the Kennels.. * dog walking.. * feeding.. * cleaning.. And.. * vet runs.. * boot sales.. * distribution of information.. * donation tins.. If you wish to donate using another payment method or would like to donate an item(s), to be sold at our car boot sales, please contact us on:.. +34 617 099 706.. Become a member.. Why not help us by becoming an associate member of Happy Ending-Final Feliz.. for a small amount monthly, paid by direct debit from your bank account.. You.. can pay €3, €5, €10 a month or more.. as much as you wish to donate!.. Membership donations will help towards providing the day to day needs of our dogs, most importantly.. food and water !.. It costs us.. 250.. to send.. ONE.. dog to UK.. If you would like to donate to help others on their way you can do this via PayPal (the donate button at the bottom of the page)or through our bank account at`.. Caja Rural del Sur -.. Asociacion Happy Ending-Final Feliz.. IBAN: ES25 3187 0133 12 3019069313.. BIC: BCOEESMM187..

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  • Title: Contact US
    Descriptive info: Contact Form.. Name.. E-mail.. Address.. Comments.. Telephone:.. (0034).. 617 099 706.. Post:.. The Posthouse,Bn 150.. Apartclub la Barossa.. Local 5, Los Gallos.. 11130 Chiclana, Cadiz.. Spain.. Email:.. happyendingfinalfeliz@gmail.. Should you wish to visit Happy Ending Final Feliz, please call the telephone number above to arrange you visit.. Loading..

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  • Title: Angels Page
    Descriptive info: We have dedicated this page to Ángel, the first dog we met that was so badly off that we did not believe he would survive.. He proved us wrong, and I am happy to say so.. He is now a wonderful looking specimen of the Galgo family, and is as fit as anyone.. (And more than me, that is for sure!).. Since he was the first one to appear in such a bad condition, and he made a precedent for the others that have come in after him.. He made the signals and led the way to cure them from that disease, filaria (heart worm) that has a terrible outcome if not treated.. We have seen his evolution and now he has a family in Switzerland and he has his life back.. The others following in his footsteps are doing fine.. Their progress is wonderful to watch, and I am proud to say that we have, so far, not lost any of them.. This page will be used to show the emergency cases and their evolution.. Everybody can see how the dogs are doing and follow their recovery step by step.. I will be the first to say that it is a wonderful thing to follow up, since the cases are extreme and you will be able to see how they can be brought back to a dignified life.. Angel Before.. Angel After.. Please click on the DONATE button below to go direct to our PAYPAL site and put the dogs name in the description box- thank you for helping.. Due to the number of dogs at HEFF and the treatment that is required to help them back to their full potential, sometimes emergency cases are “sponsored” by volunteers.. These people despite often having dogs of their own to care for,  ...   the vet he was bringing a dog to put to sleep.. - She became angry and felt very bad about this and I asked her what was wrong with the dog.. She had an infection in one of her back legs and was of no use to him anymore.. And that is when Nanda (Fernanda) came into my life.. A coincidence? I believe not.. It took me a long time to convince her that it w as OK to stay with me, but she never got over her fright, especially for men.. Three weeks back, another galgo crossed my path and came into our lives.. From the moment Nanda saw him, she jumped out of the sofa, where she normally spends most of the day, and came out to play.. Nanda has only 3 legs now, but runs and plays better than most others.. The two of them enjoyed a good run around and then layed down in the sand outside.. Thor is also very sceptical to men, but the two of them together are a team now, and they are more and more open to human contact than before.. So Thor has come to stay.. I cannot give him for adoption and take the happiness from Nanda.. I do not believe in coincidences, and I am sure that Thor was meant to come here to give Nanda her happy time.. She has never reacted like this before.. And it could easily been any other galgo that came in with us.. But it was him, and he got her out of her shell and they are now very happy together.. I felt like sharing this little story with you, as there are always good for a dog to have another playmate, but it is often just “coincidence” that brings them together..

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  • Title: El Capitan
    Descriptive info: Here is Capitan El Berrueco.. His story is told by Margarita in her owns words below.. Sponsorship is needed for this horse.. I saw a mail asking for urgent help for the horse, as the owner was going to take him to the matadero.. I just looked and fell in love.. So I started to try to find a solution to get him here.. That was not easy as he was in Huelva.. It did cost a lot of money to transport him to this place, but you should have seen his reaction when he came out of the trailer and there was freedom every where he looked.. He let me touch him just after two hours here, and people that know horses said that was unique.. That it showed he had a very high IQ and that he was not afraid of me at all.. But he reacted to others.. And that made me think that he feels that I am the one that rescued him.. The same happened with Platero, the maltreated donkey.. He also accepted me at once.. So they know when to trust someone.. So, we fenced a place for him to be loose inside.. And he enjoyed that for some time.. But then he decided he wanted more space and just got out of there and wandered around as he pleased.. I had heard the dogs barking, but it was in the middle of the night and I thought: I´m  ...   his front legs and bends down to get underneath the wire.. I have never seen that before, and many people I have asked, with a lot of expertise on horses tell me they have never seen it either.. Then it´s time for playing.. He runs with the dogs in front, and then turns back with the dogs chasing him.. And that takes about 45 minutes.. Then it is drinking time, and he bends underneath the wire to get to the bucket of water.. It is so entertaining that nothing in the world could take that away from me.. It is wonderful to see his beautiful movements and when he does the Spanish walk taught by nobody, then it does bring tears to my eyes seeing that beauty and thinking that he was supposed to be killed.. The previous owner has told me that he is so happy to see his horse doing so well.. But he had no job no income and no way to feed him.. His name is Capitán del Berrueco, and he will become famous one day.. I´m sure of that, as he has such a good potential for becoming a good riding horse eventually.. If you think you can help, please donate or sponsor this beautiful horse.. Fantastic news - Capitan has found his forever home locally and is having the most wonderful time! We are very grateful to his new owner (who has previously rescued a HEFF dog!) Thank you..

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  • Title: Leishmania Dogs Needing Homes
    Descriptive info: All the dogs on this page for re homing have leishmania.. Through no fault of their own they appear to be excluded from the joy of a home of their own.. Perhaps you can make a difference to their lives and adopt a dog with leishmania.. This is AINA.. Female 58 cm and 22 kg.. Born 24.. 11.. She was found on the street and brought to the centre.. Spayed, vaccinated,chipped, passport.. Positive leishmania.. This is is CRISTIE.. She is female.. Cristie is 48cm and 21kg.. She is a friendly dog that when introduced correctly socializes well with other dogs.. She is quick to learn and gets on  ...   in the car.. An altogether delightful dog that would love to be part of a family.. Born: 10.. 2012.. Spayed, vaccinated, chipped, passport.. Pos leishmania.. This is LUCKY.. He is male, 42 cm 12 kg.. He was found in Marquesado with extensive wounds, very thin and a bad eye infection.. When he came to the shelter he was very frightened but with the care of the volunteers his trust was soon won.. Wounds treated, filaria treated … fur returns! He also has leishmania but this causes him no problems.. Affectionate and cuddly Lucky would love a home of his own.. Born: 16/08/2008.. Castrated, vaccinated, chipped, passport.. Pos Leishmania..

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  • Title: Our Successes
    Descriptive info: Our Successes 2013.. These are just a few of our successes from the start of 2013.. We welcome photos from the new owners and their stories about the dog they adopted from HEFF for our gallery.. Below are some pictures from Grandad Marlons’ new family.. He has definitely fallen on his paws, one lucky dog! He has  ...   looks so happy.. Rufo - happy in his new home in spain.. Tintin - one lucky boy! All the comforts he could ask for.. Teo happy in his forever home.. Foxy - rehomed to the uk.. Nico - rehomed to the uk.. Benny - rehomed to the uk.. Jet - rehomed to the uk.. CESSNA.. Rehomed to Spain!..

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