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  • Title: Queue Management Service, borders, tourist attractions - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: .. 2013.. winner.. Queue Management Service, borders, tourist attractions.. ESTONIA.. RUSSIA.. LITHUANIA.. TALLINN TV TOWER.. Welcome.. The GoSwift Queue Management Service turns long physical queues at borders into virtual queues, making border crossing a smooth and scheduled procedure.. creating more efficiency, reducing environmental pollution, improving security and safety.. WATCH OUR.. VIDEO.. Our service.. Read more.. Follow GoSwift on LinkedIn for news updates:.. E-mail: info@goswift.. eu Phone: +372 651 0440..

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  • Title: Пересечение границы без проблем - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: Победитель.. 2013 года.. Пересечение границы без проблем.. Добро пожаловать.. Сервис GoSwift превращает длинные физические очереди на пунктах пересечения границы в виртуальные очереди, благодаря чему пересечение границы становится беспрепятственной и запланированной процедурой, тем самым увеличивая пропускную способность пунктов пропуска, снижая загрязнение окружающей среды, повышая эффективность контроля и безопасность.. Смотрите наше.. видео.. Наш сервис.. Читай далее..

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  • Title: Video - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: Queue Management Service.. About.. Why we are unique.. Video.. GoSwift map.. References.. News..

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  • Title: Our service - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: The award winning.. GoSwift Queue Management Service.. turns the physical queues at the border crossing points into virtual online queues.. The GoSwift Service was developed in Estonia in 2011 at the request of the Ministry of the Interior.. Currently the service is used at the borders of.. Estonia, Lithuania, Russia.. and at the  ...   There are.. 3 easy steps.. to using the GoSwift Queue Management Service:.. PLAN.. the time when you want to cross the border.. BOOK.. the border crossing time on the internet, GoSwift.. call-centre 24/7,.. self- service terminals or on-site.. cash desks.. DRIVE.. through the border when your car registration.. number is called.. HAPPY DRIVING!..

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  • Title: Видео - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: О нас.. Наши услуги.. В чем заключается уникальность данного сервиса.. Видео.. GoSwift Kарта сервиса.. Источники информации.. Новости..

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  • Title: Наши услуги - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: Сервис управления очередями.. GoSwift, отмеченный многочисленными наградами, превращает физические очереди на пунктах пересечения границы в виртуальные онлайн-очереди.. Сервис GoSwift был разработан в Эстонии в 2011 году по заказу Министерства внутренних дел.. На сегодняшний день данный сервис применяется на пунктах пересечения границы.. Эстонии.. ,.. Литвы.. и.. России.. , а к концу  ...   Ниже приводится описание.. 3 простых шагов.. по использованию сервиса управления очередями GoSwift:.. ЗАПЛАНИРУЙТЕ.. время пересечения границы.. ЗАБРОНИРУЙТЕ.. время пересечения границы с помощью сети Интернет,.. сервиса call-центра 24/7,.. терминалов самообслуживания.. или касс, расположенных на пропускном пункте.. ПОДЪЕДЬТЕ.. к пункту пересечения границы, когда будет объявлен.. регистрационный номер вашего транспортного средства.. Счастливого пути!..

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  • Title: About - GoSwift
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  • Title: Why we are unique - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: GoSwift Queue Management Service is unique, there is no other service like this in the world.. It is not about handing out tickets somewhere near the queuing area in order to organise the queue.. Everything is operated via the internet and you can register your vehicle for border crossing from anywhere in the world.. There is no need to come to the border before it is your time to cross.. GoSwift service has been audited many times and it has passed most rigorous checks.. by certified IT auditors.. The service is safe, confidential, and reliable.. All  ...   easily adaptable to the regulations and related legislation of the online border agency for any country.. GoSwift service is becoming an irreplaceable tool for road transport companies, border patrols, as well as customs.. By now it has become an important component in the planning process in all countries that are using the service.. The fact that GoSwift service is constantly being developed and the service is being launched in many new border checkpoints ensures the service s continuity and users comfort.. Often the same service enables you to plan border crossing from.. both sides of the border..

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  • Title: GoSwift map - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: The GoSwift service has been implemented and is working at the borders marked in.. orange.. Hopefully the borders marked in.. grey.. will soon be using the GoSwift service..

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  • Title: References - GoSwift
    Descriptive info: 2014.. Finland to Russia pilot project.. At the end of 2014, a pilot project will be started at the Vaalimaa border crossing point in Finland, for vehicles crossing from Finland to Russia.. Lithuania to Belarus borders.. On 1 March and 6 June GoSwift opened at border crossing points in Lithuania, in the Lithuania to Belarus direction.. See the working solution.. here.. Lithuania to Russia border.. On  ...   to Russia direction.. Tallinn TV Tower.. On 4 June Tallinn TV Tower started using GoSwift s service.. 2012.. Russia to Estonia pilot project.. On 14 July a pilot project started at a border crossing point in Russia, in the Russia to Estonia direction.. 2011.. Estonia to Russia borders.. On 1 August GoSwift opened at 3 border crossing points in Estonia, in the Estonia to Russia direction..

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  • Title: GoSwift
    Descriptive info: 09/10/2014.. The border Queue Management Service at Vaalimaa wil allow you to book a border crossing time in advance, even from the comfort of your couch.. Read more ».. 26/09/2014.. Šalčininkai became the 4th Lithuanian border crossing point to use the GoSwift queue management service, known as EVIS in Lithuania.. 25/08/2014.. GoSwift participated at the 10th ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) European Congress held in Helsinki, Finland from 16-19 June 2014.. 09/07/2014.. On the 7th of June 2014 Lavoriškes became the third Lithuanian border to use the EVIS Border Queue Management Service, developed and operated in conjunction with the Lithuanian company UAB Ekskomisaru Biuras and GoSwift.. 16/05/2014.. GoSwift will be exhibiting their Queue Management Service at the 10th ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) European Congress to be held in Helsinki, Finland from 16-19th June 2014.. 15/05/2014.. The Estonian company GoSwift developed the Queue Management Service that will be used in Finland at the end of this year.. 19/03/2014.. The South-East Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Kaakkois-Suomen ELY-Keskus) decided on the 14th of March 2014 that GoSwift Suomi have been selected to supply the GoSwift queue management service for a pilot project.. 01/03/2014.. On 1st of March 2014 the Queue Management Service EVIS started operating at Medininkai, the Lithuanian – Belarusian border checkpoint.. EVIS is being developed in cooperation between Lithuania and Estonia.. 29/11/2013.. Once again, the Baltic  ...   the online Lithuanian border queue reservation.. Queue management system EVIS which is being developed in cooperation between Lithuania and Estonia, will start operating this year, on July 1st on the Lithuanian – Russian border Kybartai check point.. 19/04/2013.. On 19 April the winners of the competition "Best Estonian e-Service in 2013" were announced at the Estonian Information Society Conference.. In the e-Government category, the GoSwift electronic border queue system was proclaimed the winner.. 10/01/2013.. The Republic of Lithuania will start using from June 2013 at the Lithuanian-Russian and Lithuanian-Belarusian road border checkpoints the GoSwift electronic border queue system that has been operating on the Estonian-Russian road border for one and a half years already and that is hoped to significantly simplify border crossing.. 19/10/2012.. From 22 to 26 October 2012 the global ITS community comes together in Vienna to discuss the latest.. 01/08/2012.. A year ago today, GoSwift online reservation system for border crossing on the Estonia-Russia border was activated.. 14/07/2012.. An historic moment: GoSwift bi-lateral online border queue system is being launched today at the Russian-Estonian border.. 19/07/2011.. As of 01.. 08.. 2011, Estonia will introduce a new arrangement for crossing the border with the Russian Federation.. In accordance with the new arrangement, three Estonian border checkpoints will introduce an electronic booking system for transport vehicles, through which vehicle owners can book a border crossing time in advance..

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    Archived pages: 35