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  • Title: HOME
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. CzechReg Days.. Conferences.. Cultural events.. Brussels regional representations.. Newsletter.. Future of the Cohesion Policy.. Cross-border co-operation.. Regions of knowledge.. Tourism.. TEN-T networks.. Twenties.. Momentálně nejsou k dispozici žádné aktuální termíny.. October 2014.. Mo.. Tu.. We.. Th.. Fr.. Sa.. Su.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31..

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  • Title: CzechReg Days
    Descriptive info: C.. zechReg Days, the regions of the Czech Republic contribute to the agenda of the Czech Presidency of the Council.. Our country is taking this important role in 2009 in the year of the twentieth anniversary of the Iron Curtain s fall and the fifth anniversary of the EU enlargement to central-and-east European countries.. The regions in the Czech Republic benefit significantly from both of these historical events that made possible the re-establishment of decentralized governance and started the process of integration and economical development of our regions and cities.. T.. he program of the Czech Presidency, with its motto Europe without barriers , will feature political topics which are important for the future of the European Union and its regions.. Above all, the discussion will deal with the future strategy of the cohesion policy including topics such as convergence, competitiveness, the Lisbon Strategy, cross-border cooperation and business development support.. Another important item on the agenda is the revision of the TEN-T guidelines.. This agenda is particularly important for the integration of the regions of the new EU member states into a wider territorial context which will contribute to a higher level of cross-border cohesion within the EU.. Since European policies have their real impact on towns and regions, their experience, attitudes and proposals are particularly useful having practical and realistic background.. Representations of the Czech regions in Brussels.. therefore came with.. a concept of thematic seminars, conferences and accompanying cultural events entitled CzechReg  ...   Policy 2014+, 11th February 2009, CoR.. The focus of this seminar is to highlight the role of regions concerning the proposal, approval and implementation of the cohesion policy.. Building the bridge: regional dimension of TEN-T , 24th February 2009, CoR.. This seminar will focus on the area of transport infrastructure, the TEN-T framework and its connections to the existing regional network.. Tourism and spa resorts: strengthening the sector, 25th March 2009, CoR.. This event will become a platform for exchanging information regarding the receiving, implementation and financing of the business support policy in the area of tourism and spa resorts.. Perspectives for Cross-border Cooperation in Europe, 31st March 2009, CoR.. This conference will focus on the role of cross-border cooperation in the development of European border regions and its position within the future shape of the cohesion policy (including the use of EGTC).. Knowledge regions and the Lisbon Strategy, 1st April 2009, CoR.. Innovative potential is one of the strong areas of the Czech Republic and the regions owing to the European Communities support are active players in the R D sector.. Exhibition Twenties: Generation New Europe , 16th March - 21st April 2009, EC Berlaymont / CoR.. This age-group of young artists was invited to prepare works expressing their visions of Europe and its journey from 1989 to the present and onwards, another twenty years into the future.. More information about the workshops you can find on this web site in left toolbar..

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  • Title: Conferences
    Descriptive info: CoR Bureau meets in the Czech Republic.. th.. and 16.. th.. of January 2009.. Pilsen.. , Czech Republic.. CoR Bureau meets in the Czech Republic to hold discussions with the new EU presidency and Czech citizens to support the swift ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.. Youth employment in times of crisis.. EU Youth dialogue in the Zlín Region (Luhacovice).. -22.. nd.. Luhačovice.. ,.. Czech Republic.. Access to stable and quality employment for young people is one of the key priorities of the European Youth Forum and also is at the moment one of the very first priorities for the Zlín Region, engaged in a process of social and economic development that should lead to the convergence with the other European territories.. CZ PRES Expert Conference in Moravian-Silesian Region In Search for Security of Energy Supply of the EU Member States on the Common Electricity Market.. and 30.. Ostrava.. , hotel Atom.. The main themes of the Conference includes the simplification and harmonization of legislation governing the transmission networks system, the creation of a European network of transmission system operators for electricity (ENTSO-E), and a single cross-border electricity transmission tariff.. sion Policy 2014+.. of February 2009..  ...   Municipal Theatre, 2nd day Regional Authority of the Ústí Region).. On February 19.. 2009 the High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the European Chemical Industry will resume its work and adopt the final report.. The recommendations made by the High Level Group will only have due impact if they are put into practice.. Industry, NGOs, Academia, the European Commission, Member States and regions contributed to this High Level Dialogue and this first follow-up conference enables the dissemination of results with a special focus on regions.. Exhibition Twenties: Generation New Europe.. st.. April 2009.. European Commission, Berlaymont / CoR.. Conference 20 and 5 years after.. May 2009.. OREA Hotel Dvořák, Tábor.. In 2009 the Czech Republic will commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the return to democracy and the fifth anniversary of membership of the European Communities.. ICT Fair for Trust Security Research in the Olomouc Region.. of May 2009.. Olomouc.. , Olomouc Region, Czech Republic.. Security and trust are essential pillars on which our society is built.. Today, secure and reliable ICT systems and network infrastructures, and the trustworthiness of the services they provide play a pivotal role for the further development of the Information Society..

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  • Title: Cultural events
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  • Title: Brussels regional representations
    Descriptive info: Brussels regional representations:.. The.. Central Bohemia.. Region Brussels Office.. Representation of the.. Liberec.. Region in Brussels.. Vysočina.. Region Office in Brussels.. Moravian-Silesian.. Region.. The Region of.. South Bohemia.. Permanent Office.. Ústí.. Prague.. House.. South Moravian.. Region to the EU.. Pardubice.. Zlín.. Hradec Králové.. Region EU Office.. Karlovy Vary.. Region EU Office..

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  • Title: Newsletter
    Descriptive info: Registration / NEWSLETTER.. E-mail:.. Name:.. Organisation:.. 05.. 2009.. Anthology of the Cohesion Policy 2014+ seminar.. [ The Region of South Bohemia - Permanent Office ].. In the Anthology of the Cohesion Policy 2014+ seminar you are going to find the introductory word of MEP Oldřich Vlasák, the prologue of Mr František Štangl and also the contributions of the principal guests such as MEP Jan Olbrycht and Katarína Maternová, followed by a.. Final edition of the CzechReg Newsletter.. [ CzechReg ].. Dear readers, please find attached the final edition of our regional newsletter where we have tried to inform you about all the important Czech regional events taking place in Brussels throughout the Czech presidency.. Thank you very much for your support and attention you gave us in thi.. 04.. Eurovíkend v Blatné.. [ The Region of South Bohemia – Permanent Office ].. K oslavám Dne Evropy 9.. května připravuje Jihočeský kraj v rámci projektu Z jižních ČECH AŽ NA KONEC SVĚTA bohatý kulturní a společenský program v Blatné.. Tisková  ...   Newsletter full of information about recently passed events.. This time you can find there review of three major conferencies organized by the Czech regions in the framework of CzechReg Days in Brussels.. New.. 03.. Future of the CBC in Europe.. [ Representation of the Liberec Region ].. Cross-border cooperation discussed at the European conference organized by the Liberec Region together with other Czech regions at the CoR in Brussels.. Concert of the Europera Orchestra.. [ Representation of the Liberec Region in Brussels ].. 31st of March 2009 - Music without frontiers.. Knowledge Regions and the Lisbon Strategy.. [ South Moravian Region ].. 01.. 2009 South Moravian Region Organised International Workshop about R D in Brussels.. 03.. 4th edition of the CzechReg Newsletter.. Herewith you can find the fourth edition of the Czech Regional Offices Newsletter.. It includes invitations to the approaching conferences in the framework of CzechReg Days as well as information about passed events.. „Music behind the Iron Curtain“ - a joint event o.. [ Ústí Region ].. Další..

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  • Title: Future of the Cohesion Policy
    Descriptive info: Cohesion Policy 2014+.. of February 2009 at 10,00 am.. CoR room JDE 52.. Organized in the framework of CzechReg Days in Brussels.. The seminar "Cohesion Policy 2014+" is organised in the framework of the Days of the Czech Regions in Brussels within the Czech Presidency agenda.. Its general objectives are to contribute to the ongoing discussion on the future shape of the cohesion policy that is of a special interest to all European regions as well as to gather and present the most up-to-date outcomes of the wide public debate on this agenda.. Special focus will be dedicated to the territorial cohesion as the seminar can very timely present the most  ...   to stress the role of regional authorities in drafting, adopting and implementing the Cohesion Policy.. Special emphasis will be put on the territorial dimension with the view of the Committee of the Regions and the European Parliament planning to release their reports to European Commission's communication "Turning territorial Diversity into Strength" in February 2009.. Contact:.. THE REGION OF SOUTH BOHEMIA - PERMANENT OFFICE.. Avenue d Auderghem 84.. B-1040 Bruxelles.. Tel/Fax: +32 2 512 96 13.. IP Tel: +420 386 720 573.. Programme.. pdf.. [ 61.. 7 kB,.. PDF.. ].. Invitation.. [ 374.. 16 kB,.. Anthology of the seminar (EN).. [ 860 kB,.. Anthology of the seminar (CZ).. [ 865.. 4 kB,..

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  • Title: Cross-border co-operation
    Descriptive info: Conference Perspectives of cross-border cooperation in Europe.. of March 2009 at 10,00 am.. CoR room JDE 51.. The conference is composed of two separate sessions.. The first one focuses on cross-border co-operation and its role within the EU cohesion policy.. The objective is to present to the political decision making level that the support of cross-border co-operation played and still plays a significant role in the development of European border regions.. Nevertheless the obstacles and disadvantageous conditions for the development of these regions that are given by their peripheral position within their states still haven t been overcome.. The future form of the cohesion policy should include  ...   and focuses on the use of EGTC in cross-border co-operation as one specific tool.. A political roundtabel will discuss the use of EGTC in the management of future cross-border co-oparation programmes.. It will be followed by exchange of experience with first cross-border EGTCs.. All the participants will be invited also invited for the Concert of the Europera Orchestra that evening.. Pavel Branda,.. Josef Jarý.. Representation of the Liberec Region in Brussels.. Av.. d Auderghem 84.. B-1040 Brussels.. phone/fax: +32 2 732 3215.. e-mail:.. brussels@liberec-region.. cz.. www.. liberec-region.. [ 375.. 67 kB,.. [ 101.. 56 kB,.. Programme with presentations.. [ 82.. 25 kB,.. Conference proceedings.. [ 1 MB,..

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  • Title: Regions of knowledge
    Descriptive info: of April 2009 at 9,30 am - 14,30 pm.. -.. R D projects and the technological parks of the regions of the Czech Republic.. The event is organised by all Czech regions and by the.. Czech Liaison Office for Research and Development (CZELO).. It consists of a seminar, reception with innovation café and little exhibition.. In the seminar speakers from EU and Czech institutions will discus Czech and European experience with EU R D funds and implementation of the  ...   The aim of the workshop is to present the links between the cohesion policy and the use of FP7 (especially research infrastructures), but also to present the main projects of the Czech Republic which plan to link different EU sources.. Jiří Kolman.. Representation of the South Moravian Region to the European Union.. Rue du Trône 60.. B - 1050 Bruxelles.. Tel.. : +32 (0)22 139 570.. Fax: +32 (0)22 139 571.. E-mail:.. office@southern-moravia.. eu.. http://www.. southern-moravia.. [ 266.. 62 kB,..

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  • Title: Tourism
    Descriptive info: Tourism and spa resorts - formation of a stronger sector.. 25th of March 2009 at 02,00 pm.. The aim of this half-day event is to.. become a platform for exchanging information regarding the receiving, implementation and financing of the business support policy in the area of tourism from european, governmental and regional point of view, to stress the role of tourism support for regional development, the cooperation between private and public sector in the field and to identify further potential key tools for strenghtening the tourism sector.. Concrete business support objective of the workshop is to offer to the regional entrepreneurs in the area of tourism an opportunity to  ...   the official agency for promoting the Czech Republic as an attractive touristic destination.. The workshop consists of two parts:.. I.. Conference.. :.. 14:00 16:30, JDE 51 will be opened by Mr.. Luc Van den Brande, the President.. of the Committee of the Regions.. II.. Mini-fair of Tourism:.. 16:30 21:00, ATRIUM 5.. will be opened by.. Mr.. Vladimír Muller,.. the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium.. Invit.. ation.. [ 3.. 35 MB,.. ].. [ 130.. 52 kB,.. Register at:.. info@.. vysocina.. Marketa Hermanova.. Vysocina Region Office, Brussels.. 60, Rue du Trone.. 1050 Brussels Ixelles.. Belgium.. phone: +32 (0) 221 39 560.. e-mail:.. hermanova.. m@vysocina.. vysocina.. eu/Brusel..

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  • Title: TEN-T networks
    Descriptive info: Building the bridge.. Regional dimension of TEN-T.. February 2009 14.. 00-17.. 30.. Committee of the Regions, room JDE 52.. The European Commission and the Member States defined the TEN-T schemes in the mid-1990s.. At the time, the European Union was still composed of 15 countries and the challenges of mobility for people and freights were surely different than those of nowadays.. A first revision of the common Regulations in the field occurred in 2004, but further adaptation to evolving scenario and geographical enlargement of the Union was necessary.. Thus, at the beginning of February 2009, the Commission has published its new Green Paper for the revision of the TEN-T schemes.. Speakers and participants will share their visions on the state of  ...   outlined by the new EC Green Paper, a balance of Public-Private-Partnerships in this field, an evaluation of possible new formulas that could be experimented for a better combination of the EU, national, regional and private capitals for the realisation of the transport infrastructures.. Other questions, specifically relating to the matter of the local connections to the TEN-T schemes, will be also be prepared and presented with the participation of the European Commission, Committee of the Regions and European Parliament.. Press Release.. [ 167.. 22 kB,.. Contact person:.. Mr Mattia CROSETTO, Ms Petra JANOSKOVA.. The Rose House - Zlín Region in Brussels.. Boulevard de la Cambre 46, B1000 Brussels.. tel.. (32) 2 641.. 17.. 60 - fax (32) 2 641.. 69.. zlinregioninbrussels.. info@zlinregioninbrussels..

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