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  • Title: 42dev | web solutions & hosting services.
    Descriptive info: .. Client area.. |.. Impressum.. Home.. Portfolio.. Contact.. 42dev.. provides.. web solutions & hosting services.. , offering you.. website creation.. ,.. web application development.. web-, email- & domain hosting.. and a range of supporting services.. Contact Me.. or.. take a look at 42dev customers.. Web.. I create web applications observing current and emerging standards, trying to experiment with technologies.. I like working with APIs, Microformats and currently the Laravel PHP framework.. Services.. Do you want your personal homepage, a WordPress site, Discourse discussion forum or Piwik web analytics? I'll help you install, set-up and manage many different standard software packages.. Hosting.. I'll host your Webpages & Apps, provide Email and Domain services  ...   can assist in planning and executing - just contact me.. My.. Work.. tape.. phantsy - your personal city guide.. Waldklang.. Greenheart Games.. Rokko Ramirez.. View more selected work.. About.. Me.. My name is.. Florian Beer.. and I currently reside in.. Vienna, Austria.. My background reaches into the earlier days of the web, where I already developed a passion for.. design and development.. Fast paced changes in recent years led me to start venturing out into.. mobile app.. space as well.. Currently I try to focus on.. combined approaches.. , thereby offering content on a broad range of platforms, with as little conversion as necessary.. Connect with 42dev.. 2014.. , All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Client Area | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Client Area.. Enter Your Login Information.. Please enter your name (or company name) and the corresponding password to enter your client area:.. Name:.. Password:..

    Original link path: /client-area
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  • Title: Impressum | 42dev
    Descriptive info: is a.. Vienna.. based company, providing.. Impressum.. 42dev e.. U.. Millergasse 40/14.. A-1060 Wien.. Tel.. :.. +43 699 144 225 69.. eMail:.. office@42dev.. eu.. Informationspflicht.. (§ 5 ECG).. Unternehmensbezeichnung:.. Inhaber:.. Dipl.. -Ing.. (FH) Florian Beer.. Firmenbuch (FNr):.. 357000a, Handelsgericht Wien.. WKO Fachgruppenzugehörigkeit:.. Unternehmensberatung und Informationstechnologie.. UID:.. ATU66244156.. Soweit nicht anders angegeben gelten die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen der Fachgruppe für Unternehmensberatung und Informationstechnologie.. Haftungshinweis.. Trotz sorgfältiger inhaltlicher Kontrolle übernehme ich keine Haftung für die Inhalte externer Links.. Für  ...   Inhalte (Layout, Texte, Bilder, Grafiken usw.. ) unterliegen dem Urheberrecht.. Jede vom Urheberrechtsgesetz nicht zugelassene Verwertung bedarf meiner vorherigen ausdrücklichen Zustimmung.. Dies gilt insbesondere für Vervielfältigung, Bearbeitung, Übersetzung, Einspeicherung, Verarbeitung bzw.. Wiedergabe von Inhalten in Datenbanken oder anderen elektronischen Medien und Systemen.. Fotokopien und Downloads von Web-Seiten für den privaten, wissenschaftlichen und nicht kommerziellen Gebrauch dürfen hergestellt werden.. Ich erlaube ausdrücklich und begrüßen das Zitieren meiner Dokumente und Webseiten sowie das Setzen von Links auf meine Website..

    Original link path: /impressum
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  • Title: Portfolio | 42dev
    Descriptive info: phantsy your personal city guide.. Read More.. gap line.. Wein Börse.. The Pond Pirates.. Read More..

    Original link path: /portfolio
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  • Title: Contact | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Contact.. I’d appreciate to hear from you, and yes, I am currently taking on projects! Email is the best way to reach me, so feel free to contact me via the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.. Your name:*.. Your email:*.. Your message:*.. About me.. My personal blog.. My photos..  ...   Web Content Management System and Enterprise Portal Solutions.. Getdesigned GmbH.. Webdesign, Konzeption, Kreation, SEM, SEO, CMS, Social Media.. Herbert Feutl.. Cisco Ironport Instructor, Barracuda Networks AG.. mgSolutions.. Web and Mobile Solutions Architect.. OddOne.. Motion graphics Audio.. OJS.. at.. Webapplications, server administration, workshops.. ThreeSixtyLabs.. iPhone iPad software development.. Wild Publics.. Public relations marketing.. xoxo Websolutions.. Websites, CMS, webdesign..

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  • Title: phantsy – your personal city guide | 42dev
    Descriptive info: 42dev provides:.. Domain hosting.. Email services.. Webhosting.. Laravel PHP Application Development.. phantsy.. com..

    Original link path: /portfolio/phantsy
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  • Title: Waldklang | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Newsletter dispatching.. waldklang..

    Original link path: /portfolio/waldklang
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  • Title: Greenheart Games | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Greenheart Games are the developers of the successful computer game Game Dev Tycoon.. Server administration.. WordPress Discourse management.. greenheartgames..

    Original link path: /portfolio/greenheart-games
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  • Title: Rokko Ramirez | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Webspace database.. rokkoramirez..

    Original link path: /portfolio/rokko-ramirez
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  • Title: Wein Börse | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Web application development.. PHP.. HTML5.. CSS.. JavaScript.. Graphic design.. wein-boerse..

    Original link path: /portfolio/wein-borse
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  • Title: The Pond Pirates | 42dev
    Descriptive info: Webspace database for WordPress site.. Domain services.. thepondpirates..

    Original link path: /portfolio/the-pond-pirates
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